Eliiti Wooden Counting Abacus Toy with 123 Beeds for Toddlers Kids 3 to 5 Year Old Tiger Frame

EDUCATIONAL COUNTING GAME that includes 70 colorful beads - 7 rows with 10 beads on each in 7 different colors. Plus 3 rows with number and animal cubes. In addition, bright fun tiger pattern that attractive to children.
WOODEN TOY includes 3 activities to play - abacus counting beads, number cubes and sliding animal cubes. It’s easy way to teach kids addition, subtraction and help to understand math through the game.
COUNTING ABACUS TOY help to learn concepts of colors, shapes and numbers, develop eye and hand coordination, fine motor skills, kid's intelligence and logic.
ELIITI MATH TOY was made from NATURAL WOOD, covered with NON-TOXIC PAINT and sanded smooth to guarantee absolute safety for children. In addition, all beads easy to spin and grip for little fingers. So we have here a SAFE and INTERESTING toy for girls and boys 3 years old and up.
MONTESSORI counting TOY designed for kids above 3 years old as an educational and fun game, so it can be a great gift for any occasion, like Christmas or Birthday.

73 wooden beads
Counting beads colors: red, yellow, pink, green, blue, purple
Animal beads: elephant, bee, monkey, hedgehog
Numbers beads: from 1 to 10

Size of toy: 8.8”x8.7”x6.8”
Weight: 2.4lb

  • Great gift for kids 3 to 5
  • Improves fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, kid's intelligence and logic
  • Toy size: 8.8”x8.7”x6.8”

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