Eliiti Wooden Peg Dress Up Puzzle for Girls Toddlers Kids 3 to 6 Years Old Rabbits Family


MONTESSORI TOYS helps to develop fine motor, matching and problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination and not only. Toys promote creativity and out of the box thinking. In addition, puzzle play is an exceptional way for kids to develop cognitive, physical, and emotional skills.

BOX PUZZLE includes easy-to-grasp peg puzzle shapes to play dress-up and the right outfits to serve the pretend play children want to provide. Each piece has a colorful pattern that is a part of one unique outfit. When kids interlock 3 elements of the outfit together, they receive the complete image.

ELIITI PUZZLE is an exceptional toy for kids 3 to 6 years old because WOODEN PIECES are easy for little hands to grasp and this is the best combination for kids at this age - fun and educational game at the same time.

Find out how UNIQUE wooden puzzle is and give the BEST GIFT for a kid. Present this puzzle to your child or grandchild as a Birthday or Christmas gift, or give it at any other occasion.
Be sure ELIITI WOODEN TOYS are SAFE for children!

ELIITI PUZZLES have been tested for all required standards in CPSC-accepted laboratory. Our products comply with children’s product safety rules.
You don’t need to worry about your kid’s safety if you purchase ELIITI PUZZLES.

Size of toy: 14.6”x5.1”x1.6”
Weight: 14.3 oz

  • Great gift for kids 3 to 6
  • Box lid can be used as a puzzle board
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination, imagination, creativity, and matching skills
  • Set size: 14.6”x5.1”x1.6”

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